In Georgia there is only one way to end a marriage, resolve a custody dispute, obtain or modify an award of child support or alimony. You must present the matter to a Superior Court Judge. The county in which that will be filed in depends on the facts of the particular case.

Parties do not have control of the outcome to the extent to which they choose to abdicate that decision to the Judge. If the parties choose not to agree on terms then the Court will make those decisions for them. The Judge’s Order will dictate how the issues presented will be resolved and that decision is final in most every case.

The decision not to negotiate is usually costly in time and money. Before the Judge can decide on a resolution for you, he/she has to be informed of all the facts of which the parties have knowledge and believe to be relevant. That process of edifying the Judge is referred to as “Litigation“. It involves more than just the public court appearances, hearings, and trial. It also includes the pretrial discovery of documents and facts as well as depositions.

There is however another way…”MEDIATION“. Before you accept that an impasse has been reached consider mediation as the best way to further explore all the options and alternatives that you may not see or appreciate. Divorce and/or custody disputes are emotionally charged situations. The first instinct is to fight but that instinct can promote discord when it may have been avoidable. Rather than call for “battle stations” as a first response consider the possibility that discussions moderated by a trained neutral may discover more common ground than was believed possible. Giving mediation a chance often leads to a total or partial resolution that greatly reduces the financial as well as emotional toll on the parties.

When you are selecting a mediator to serve as a trusted neutral who will provide the assistance you need to fairly and equitably resolve these difficult domestic issues, Michael J. King should be at the top of your list. For over 40 years he litigated domestic issues. He encountered most every conceivable circumstance and learned firsthand the many ways in which a problem might be resolved or a concern appropriately addressed. With Michael King serving as your mediator you know that you have given your Mediation the best opportunity for success and have been well served.