Michael J. King’s Practice in Divorce Mediation

Atlanta’s trusted Mediator Michael J. King understands that a divorce is a complex time for a family. Sorting through legal matters over custody, alimony and spousal support is difficult legally, financially and emotionally. Michael J. King is an experienced Mediator and former litigation attorney. He will protect each parties rights by serving as a trusted Neutral and help both parties in their effort to reach an agreement that is in their mutual best interest.

Michael J. King is familiar with the legal issues that arise during a divorce and is committed to serving as your Mediator.

Practice currently limited to the Mediation of Domestic and Family Law issue and disputes for attorneys and their clients.

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For expert legal advice or to schedule a consultation, contact Michael J. King, Atlanta’s mediation lawyer, at 770-662-0600.

Michael J. King is Atlanta’s divorce mediator of choice. He will focus on every part of your case to maximize the possibility of a fair outcome.