Child Support

Child Support

In Georgia child support is determined through the application of the Georgia Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are based upon a shared income model which is used in most States in one form or another. These guidelines are designed to be “guidelines only” but, the reality is, they are applied strictly insofar as they pertain to basic child-support calculations and adjustments for health and dental insurance premiums for the minor children and work related child care expenses. You can find an interactive child-support guidelines worksheet at the official website: this website.

Child support is an obligation of both parents. It is not an option and the courts will not treat it as such. Everyone must pay to the extent of their earning capacity. The court will not allow a party to earn below their earning capacity and thereby evade or reduce the amount of child support that party would otherwise be obligated to pay. Just because the other parent doesn’t want to pay or refuses to pay is no reason to hesitate in contacting Michael J. King and pursuing your child’s right to be supported by each of his parents. The judge will not allow this to happen and neither will Michael J. King.

If you’re in the Atlanta metropolitan area and you have a dispute involving child support in Georgia or the application of the Georgia Child Support Guidelines contact Michael J. King in Atlanta by telephone (770 – 662 – 0600) or e-mail ( Whether this is an initial child support case, a paternity action, a legitimation proceeding, a modification of child support or a contempt action to enforce a prior child support order in the metropolitan Atlanta area Michael J. King, is the Mediator Attorney to hire to assist the parties in arriving at the best possible result without further litigation.

Michael J. King can help the parties to discuss the issues and negotiate difficult points that may otherwise stall or prevent agreement on issues related to child support. He will work with both parties to explore the facts and possibilities for settlement and help the parties and their respective counsel to draft parts of the agreement should that be desired.

Child support payments may include the sharing of work–related child care costs, the premiums necessary to provide health and dental insurance coverage for the minor children involved, extraordinary educational expenses, travel costs that are incurred to exercise visitation or periods of custody provided the distance is beyond that which is considered normal as well as other considerations.

The Guidelines are based upon the Gross Income of both parents. The amount so determined by the parents’ incomes is subject to future change (modification) if either parent has a substantial increase or decrease in that parent’s income, or financial circumstance or should there be a substantial change in the needs of a child. Changing the support amount requires the filing of a legal action seeking a modification of the previously awarded amount of support and an order from the Superior Court Judge granting the modification.

Child Support: Steps to Take

Michael J. King can help you take the correct steps needed to open a child support case. He will be with you every step of the way and will guide you through the following process:

  • Open a child support case
  • Locate the non-custodial parent
  • Establish paternity
  • File a support order
  • Set up child support payment
  • Enforce support order
  • Review the order

Child support payments will be based on day care, health insurance, education and travel costs between parents, among other considerations. The payment owed is determined by the parents’ income and can be later changed if the either parents’ job or health circumstances drastically change or there is a substantial change in the needs of the child. Changing the support amount requires the filing of a modification action and an order from the judge.

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