Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Selecting a Mediator

The divorce mediation process can occur prior to the filing of the divorce action or during a divorce action. Mediation can be instituted by the parties, by their respective attorneys or by order of the court with parties being ordered to participate.

Mediation can be privately arranged by the parties dealing directly with the mediator’s office or through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) office of the county in which the divorce litigation is pending.

If the mediation is court ordered the parties are ordered to participate by the judge and if they cannot agree on a mediator then the judge will appoint one from the list of approved mediators on file at the ADR office of county where the divorce litigation is pending.

Michael J King is most often selected by agreement of the parties or their attorneys because over the years he has earned the reputation of being a mediator that can be trusted to remain neutral throughout the entire process with no goal other than to be of maximum assistance to both parties as they seek a mutually fair resolution to their dispute. His role as mediator is to assist both parties and their respective counsel by opening the lines of communication between them so that they can understand the issues of most importance to the other party and explore all possibilities for settlement.